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Foreign direct investment in developing economies fell 9% in 2023

22 January 2024

A new UNCTAD report shows FDI flows to the Global South dropped to $841 billion in a global context of weak investment and economic uncertainty.

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© Shutterstock/1000 Words | Bangkok, Thailand. Foreign direct investment is an important source of capital for infrastructure projects.

Foreign direct investment (FDI) flows to developing countries fell by 9% to $841 billion in 2023, according to UNCTAD’s latest Global Investment Trends Monitor, published on 17 January.

Developing countries in Asia felt the brunt of the decline, registering a 12% drop, while flows to Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean remained more or less stable. The decrease in FDI to developing regions last year occurred in a global context of weak investment and economic uncertainty. Although flows worldwide defied earlier expectations and grew by a marginal 3% in 2023 to an estimated $1.37 trillion, “the headline increase was due largely to higher values in a few European ‘conduit’ economies,” the report says. Strikingly, when these conduit economies are excluded, global FDI flows show a steep 18% decline in 2023.
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