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Trade and Development Board, 75th executive session

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12 - 14 February 2024
Palais des Nations
, Switzerland

The Trade and Development Board oversees the activities of UNCTAD. It meets in Geneva up to three times a year in executive sessions to deal with urgent policy issues, as well as management and institutional matters. The session will address the following issues:
  • Interdependence and development strategies in a globalized world. 
  • The Least Developed Countries Report 2023: Crisis-resilient development finance 
  • International Trade Outlook for Latin America and the Caribbean 2023. Structural change and trends in global and regional trade: challenges and opportunities 
  • Report of the Working Party on the Programme Plan and Programme Performance 
  • Report of the Intergovernmental Group of Expert on Financing for Development. 
  • Preparatory process for the sixteenth United Nations Conference on Trade and Development 
  • Provisional agenda of the seventy-first session of the Trade and Development  Board. 
  • Institutional, organizational, administrative and related matters:
    1. Designation of intergovernmental bodies for the purposes of rule 76 of the rules of procedure of the Board 
    2. Review of the calendar of meetings


The session is open to all member States of Trade and Development Board.

Other participants (i.e. representatives of members of UNCTAD that are not members of the Board, and representatives of specialized agencies, non-governmental organizations and intergovernmental bodies wishing to attend as observers) are also eligible to participate in the session as observers and should register online using the link provided.


Registration should be completed online and is required in order to be included in the list of participants.
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Growth, Debt, and Climate: Realigning the Global Financial Architecture
(UNCTAD/TDR/2023) -  29 Dec 2023
(UNCTAD/TDR/2023 (Overview)) -  29 Dec 2023
Crisis-resilient development finance
(UNCTAD/LDC/2023) -  07 Nov 2023
((UNCTAD/LDC/2023 (Overview)) -  07 Nov 2023
(TD/B/EX(75)/1) -  20 Dec 2023  -  Agenda item 1 
Held at the Palais des Nations, Geneva, from 1 to 3 November 2023
(TD/B/EFD/7/3) -  14 Dec 2023
Structural Change and Trends in Global and Regional Trade: Challenges and Opportunities
(LC/PUB.2023/16-P/Rev.1) -  02 Nov 2023  -  Agenda item 4 
29 Jan 2024
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Meeting series


Communications concerning representation:

UNCTAD Secretariat
Intergovernmental Support Service
Palais des Nations
CH-1211 Geneva 10

Fax: 41 22 917 0214
E-mail: meetings@west-eleventh.com

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